Tuesday, April 12, 2005

CBS Master's Golf Coverage

I am not a golf fan, but like other major sports, I tune in to the last few minutes of championship games or matches. Chris DiMarco lost a sudden death playoff to Tiger Woods. After Tiger won, CBS did an interview with Mr. DiMarco who was holding his one year old daughter. In his Mullings email from Friday April 7, Rich Galen had this observation:

Memo to CBS: You should instruct your hard-edged golf interviewers that if the second-place golfer is holding a one-year-old baby in his arms and the one-year-old baby is grabbing for the microphone the hard-edged interviewer shouldn't look irritated - HE didn't just lose the Masters - he should, instead, ask the one-year-old how proud she (or he) is of her (or his) daddy.

I quite agree!


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