Thursday, April 14, 2005

Captain's Quarters - Sgrena Story Still Falling Apart

A very important post about the Italian journalist whose escape convoy came under fire by American troops. Below are some essentail comments from Captain Ed's post:
"She claimed that the car slowed down for the checkpoint to somewhere around 30 MPH or so, which would equal around 44 feet per second. If the Americans flashed their warning lights at 390 feet, the driver had almost three seconds to recognize and heed the signal before the soldiers fired their warning shots. After the warning shots, the driver had another two seconds to stop the car before the soldiers applied lethal force. Overall, the driver had almost six full seconds to stop the car from the time of the first warning signal to when they fired directly into the vehicle. That sounds like plenty of time, especially for a driver who knew that he was using a highway that American troops regularly patrolled and one which led directly to the strategic Baghdad International Airport."


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